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Zodiac Astrology Heart Necklace

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Zodiac Astrology Heart Necklace

Wear your or your loved one's horoscope sign close to your heart with the Zodiac Astrology Heart Necklace. This trendy pendant necklace in Western astrology features a beautiful heart-shaped design made of 925 sterling silver or solid gold. It's a must-have accessory for any occasion.

Unique Design

The heart-shaped 925 sterling silver or solid gold structure at the center of the necklace adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to the overall design. It is a symbol of love and devotion, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Precious Metal Options

  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver | 10K or 14K Yellow/Rose/White Gold
  • Weight: 925 Sterling Silver ~0.8g | 10K Gold ~1.0g | 14K Gold ~1.1g (Varies Slightly With Zodiac Sign)

Dimensions and Chain

  • Dimensions: Height ~0.60in x Width ~0.63in
  • Chain: Rolo Chain

Made in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Each Zodiac Astrology Heart Necklace is proudly made in Los Angeles, CA, USA, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship.

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